Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Doug Powers weighs in on the Harry Reid/Harkin/Rush Limbaugh flap today and his analysis is witty and brilliant which is a really cool combination any time! So please do head on over to Doug's location where you'll find the following gems:
In short, if Rush Limbaugh says or does anything reckless, he harms himself. If Harry Reid says or does anything reckless, he can harm a nation, and I believe he’s doing just that.


Rush Limbaugh issued a challenge to Harry Reid to come on his program and have it out. My own challenge to Reid and many other Democrats can be summed up in a sentence: If you would act as if terrorists are half as dangerous to the future of America as Rush Limbaugh, we might actually make some progress in our national security. If Rush Limbaugh ever gives up “the golden EIB microphone,” it shouldn’t be because an out-of-control politician hell-bent on silencing his detractors issued a totalitarian - esque decree - it should be because Limbaugh sold it, in an act of bipartisan charity, to pay for Mr. Reid’s straight-jacket and court-appointed psychiatrist. [emphasis added]

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