Monday, October 15, 2007


When I moved on 10/5 into my new house, something rare and precious and utterly beloved did NOT move with me. I'm referring to the beloved little bluepoint Siamese named Tim. The reasons included: 1. He is madly in love with Linda; 2. Linda is madly in love with Tim; 3. Zeus is madly in love with Tim; 4. Tim is ecstaticly happy at Linda's house; 5. I knew I could see Tim whenever I wanted and 6. I wasn't sure Tim was safe at my house.

This may have been the most difficult decision I've ever made but since Tim is thriving at Linda's house and is, as mentioned, head-over-heels in love with her (actually HE has HER wrapped around his dainty little paw) and I could not, in good conscience, surrender his best interests to my own selfishness.

Meanwhile, Sam's entire crabby disposition is rapidly evaporating since he has had me all to himself. He has also found himself a lady friend, albeit at a distance. There's a very lovely lady tuxedo cat who traverses my back yard from time to time - and Sam has been known to mewl at the window upon sighting her! I have assured him that she is unaware of and unimpressed by his importunings. Over the weekend, people kept coming by to fix things or bring things over or whatever - Sam was either cordial or completely oblivious to their presence, a major relief to me.

Unpacking is a pain in the fundament. However, it has occurred to me that there actually is NO schedule I need to observe - so I'm doing it one load of laundry and one box per evening - naturally more on weekends. If I could just find the can opener and my spatulas and knives, I'd be a happy woman!

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