Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In one of the more short-sighted, boneheaded, just plain STUPID moves I have seen of late, the union autoworkers have walked off the job and gone on strike against Chrysler Corporation.

Here's a tip:

1. You are already paid quite generously for the work you do.

2. Your benefit package is second to none.

3. American auto makers are teetering on the brink of extinction because they are being priced out of the market by non-union foreign automakers who produce a car of exceptional quality (frequently here in America) without the added expense of paying exhorbitant wages and benefits to union workers.

4. Michigan's economy is already in the dumper and your actions are just making it worse. Of course, even though YOU Mr. Union Worker are to blame for your predicament, naturally being a union man and a liberal asshat, you'll blame it all on President Bush!

I would suggest that you accept whatever package is next offered to you and get your stupid butts back to work! I have NO SYMPATHY whatsoever if your family experiences any deprivation because you brought it on your own, shortsighted selves!
UPDATE: The strike was settled in 7 hours but now the Union is targeting Ford Motor Company, the weakest and most financially perilous of the former "Big Three" automakers.
A special salute to the dimbulb Chrysler union member who said, "I just want to protect what I've earned all these years!" You dopey female - the company goes bankrupt you'll be left with NOTHING WHATSOEVER! Want to rethink your attitude, lady?

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