Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I know, I know, he's funny and charming and really really good looking and after all, his aunt was the beloved singer Rosemary Clooney!

Beyond all of that the man is a libertine, left-wing asshat and glory grabber. He tries to come across all serious and out to do good, when in fact, what he's really after is to do good to his own career. Self-promotion is his favorite game.

How much (besides time) is his big benefit for Haiti actually costing him? And will he, as he did not do with the 9/11 funds he raised, take responsibility for making sure the monies are spent as the givers intended? I seriously doubt that he understands, given his limited intelligence, even today what Bill O'Reilly was driving at when he dubbed him a pinhead. George Clooney raises huge amounts of money for charity based on his presence at the telethon and his charm and reputation. That makes it imperative that he assures us that the monies we give couldn't be better spent elsewhere.

Or is this a way for George Clooney and all the big time people who will be supporting his telethon to make themselves feel good about their actions, all the while giving little money and just a little bit of time? I notice that Sandra Bullock donated $1 million without a lot of fanfare. Even the beleagured Tiger Woods is giving a great deal of money through his foundation.

I'm just asking and you should ask questions as well. Don't allow yourself to be charmed into giving money to the Clooney Telethon when perhaps a gift to the Red Cross or other charity would be spending your money more wisely.

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