Friday, January 22, 2010

The Sasha Edition

Female skaters all around the world must be saying to themselves this morning, "Oh shit, she's back!" and with some new tricks up her sleeve. What Sasha Cohen now has that she has always lacked before is grit and determination. Last night in Spokane, she displayed an abundance of that quality in placing 2nd after the Short Program at the U.S. Figure Skating championships. It also marked the return of the most artistic skater on Planet Earth, perhaps the only female skater good enough to rival the transcendant YuNa Kim.

Sasha Cohen possesses a million dollar talent and the very best layback spin I've ever seen. Her grace and flexibility are without equal. And I'm sure, now that I've said all that, that Aunt Dora Rosenfeld is up there is heaven somewhere laughing at me because she always believed in Sasha Cohen when I criticized her! You were right, Aunt Dora. What can I say except, you were right!

Welcome back Sasha. You've been missed! And Aunt Dora - you are really missed!

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