Thursday, January 14, 2010


Rare, because it's coming from me. President Obama has moved swiftly and decisively in dealing with the devastation in Haiti. He has mobilized the military to provide medical assistance together with desperately needed food and water. And, he has made 2 brilliant appointments to coordinate the aid coming from this nation and so desperately needed by the Haitian people. President Obama has appointed George W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton to run the relief effort and I don't believe there was a better choice available. Both of them are compassionate men and both have experience in managing such an explosively difficult situation.

The people of Haiti are people who had very little to begin with, and now the earthquake and its aftermath (I've lived through aftershocks which are frequently far more unsettling than the initial quake, so trust me on this) have deprived them of what little they had.

In the meantime, with so many dead and the infrastructure so thoroughly destroyed, the danger of disease is also rampant. In addition to the link I have provided below, here is a link to the American Red Cross which is already on the ground and helping in the area. You don't have to give a lot - even $5 will help when joined with the contributions of others.

UPDATE: This will break your heart. It is a first hand report by someone living in Haiti who tried very hard to rescue some people on the day of the quake and the days thereafter. It will wrench out your heart and perhaps - just perhaps - pry loose a couple of quarters from your pocketbook!

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