Sunday, January 23, 2011


Keith Olbermann, the visibly demented MSNBC commentator (in my opinion) announced on Friday night that this was his last night on the air for MSNBC. Who knows whether his low (beyond low) ratings were the cause or whether even MSNBC couldn't stomach his nonsense any longer - but my opinion is that the civility of the airwaves took a quantum leap upward due to his departure. I find it very difficult to believe that he resigned of his own accord, unless they told him to tone down his bile and he refused.

His two fans are the only ones who will miss him. Buh bye!

UPDATE: Some delusional wag out there has put forth the demented notion that Olbermann should run for the seat of the retiring Independent Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. If that is not the absolute worst idea put forth in any political arena, it's right there with the daffiest, most offensive and irrelevant suggestions anyone has uttered. Keith Olbermann isn't qualified to run a chewing gum concession at the local little league park, let alone hold down a seat in the Senate. Mere celebrity isn't a qualification. The ability to reason and think clearly IS necessary and Olbermann fails utterly in that regard.

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