Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When I tell entertainers and performers to shut up and sing, I mean it in an instructive and helpful way. I don't mean to limit or in any way threaten their freedom of speech. I just am asking them to engage some brain cells before doing so.

Why should we listen to instruction on anything from high school dropouts? Maybe we should listen to some who have actually worked for a living - but a Hollywood pinhead? Please! Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone - all of them feel free to tell Americans how to live, while living lives that are wildly self-indulgent, profligate and altogether unhealthy in some form or fashion. Mr. Penn is famous for his ungovernable temper. Ms. Sarandon maintained a liaison with Mr. Robbins for many years without benefit of town or gown and brought children into the mix. Now before people start calling me a blue-nosed old biddy (I am one and proud of it), let me refer you to studies that have shown that children raised within a stable marriage fare better throughout their lives than those who grow up with single mothers or unconventional domestic arrangements. FATHERS ARE important, despite what the armpit-hair bedecked grimlocks of NOW will try to tell you!

Of course Hollywood celebrities are not the sole offenders. There's Nancy Pelosi, the left-wing harridan that the Democrats seem unable or unwilling to move to the back of the bus, despite her epic fail as Speaker of the House! But then, we don't expect wild intelligence from the Dems these days. They seem to think they can govern via invective, snark and generalized fear-mongering! They specialize in below-the-belt and other formerly unheard of putdowns of those who DARE to oppose them. What's up with that?

Apparently, if you lack a coherent and reasoned response to a challenge of your policies, it's okay to respond with trite and tired canards, shrill imprecations against the very freedom upon which they most rely - freedom of expression. There's a lot of "If you say it enough, it might become so" in their locutions. Such as "The Tea Party is discredited" to which I reply in the words of my dear friend Joyce "Bullshit" and onward I move.

I'm tired of the rhetoric. Tired of the lies. Tired of the politicians. Just everyone, everywhere in political life, shut the hell up just for one month!


Peter said...

I agree! Almost like listening to Bristol Palin talk about abstinence!

Gayle Miller said...

Well at least she didn't murder the infant! And I very much fear that the Obama machine has it in mind to kill the American experience in perpetuity!