Thursday, April 28, 2011


After a fairly substantial delay, the World Figure Skating Championships are taking place in Moscow. They began yesterday and will continue through Saturday. So far two champions have been crowned: Patrick Chan of Canada is the new Men's champion and from Germany, the Pairs champions are (I know I'm going to mess this up) Robin Szolkowy and Aliona Savchenko! I hope I got their names right because aside from my usual carps about dark roots and dirty laces (both of which they have been known to display - her, not him) they were remarkable in their programs over the two days of competition. The Chinese pairs team of Pang and Tong skated a remarkable, utterly dreamlike short program that left you uncaring as to what technical points had been ticked off the list, their program was so ethereal and emotional. I know - from a CHINESE pair! These two are engaged to be married and that feeling came through. But bottom line, the German pair is absolutely first-rate and they deserved their victory. The second place finish of the Russian pair was a surprise. They both competed with other partners in the past and have only recently come together. They were spectacular - there is no other word for their skate! However, my one caveat is that I believe they are coached by the odious Irina Rodnina, a nasty bitch if ever one has inhabited the world of figure skating (I don't even BEGIN to qualify for the title). She is the one, when competing, who changed male partners whenever one of them had romantic interests elsewhere. And when Randy Gardner suffered a serious groin pull during the Olympics, she attributed the pullout from competition of Tai and Randy to FEAR of facing her and her partner in the competition! Even if you think something like that, it is highly unpolitic to SAY it. Four-star bitch of all time, that's my opinion of her!

Patrick Chan is a delightful skater, sparkling eyes, great technique, wonderful personality on the ice, consistent and entertaining - the whole package. And I'm so happy for Canada. They don't get credit for the great skaters they produce nearly enough!

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