Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yes, Vice President Biden appeared to nod off for a few seconds during President Obama's exercise in bloviation yesterday. But there may be an excellent reason for the Vice President's sudden lapse into dreamland that has nothing whatsoever to do with the quantity (43 minutes) and quality (beyond boring) of the President's speech which was - in the final analysis - more campaign speech than explanation of proposed budget cuts.

If the Vice President snores, and only his wife Jill can answer that one or at least I presume so, then he needs to undergo a sleep study which may or may not detect the presence of a condition called sleep apnea which so disturbs the quality of a person's sleep to the point that they are virtually narcoleptic! If in fact the VP does have this condition, then it's easily dealt with. He will need to sleep with a CPAP machine that helps him to sleep more restfully and safely and has the added benefit of quieting the snoring as well!

I have one, use it nightly and sleep quite well as a result.

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