Friday, June 03, 2011


They've finally started coming home to roost, sir! A grand jury has indicted you on felony charges and you will now have to answer those charges in a court of law.

And before the Dems (most of whom possess all the moral fiber of a speck of dust) start prattling on about how "it's just sex" - it isn't. It's about deception and thievery. Using monies contributed in good faith, by people supporting a candidate's campaign for the presidential nomination, for personal purposes is felonious behavior. Doing so while babbling on about how you love your dying WIFE, is disgusting! Claiming to possess strong family values is just plain hypocritical.

People never seemed to flinch in the face of some of Sen. Edwards' verbal hyperbole while practicing law - including the fact that he seemed to be claiming to channel dead babies. But this - this was just too, too much for too, too many people!

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