Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sean Hannity lost his composure on his show last night and was absolutely roaring at a blonde left-wing bimbo who was on his panel who was insisting that it was both correct and good for the government to start inquiring of 12 year olds about their sex lives "for the greater good" whateverinhell that means! Then she tried to spin Global Climate Change (used to be know as Global Warming before the junk science and hypocrisy was thoroughly exposed) as being the fault of people who have steak for dinner! What a dimwitted apologist for airy fairy theories.

We have serious stuff going on in the world folks. The Middle East is largely composed of people who hate our guts, want what we have, and who will kill us to get it! Why are we wasting time on this kind of crap? Do we really think if we lick their withers it's going to buy us tranquility in our time? Really? Not so much.

People on both coasts seem to be under the impression that they are the intelligentsia and movers and shakers of this land. Apparently the lesson of the Tea Party Movement is wholly lost on them. There are a lot of us who still believe in God, still attempt to keep the 10 Commandments sacred and who do not want a government bureaucrat indoctrinating our kids with the latest crack-brained theories! Police cannot question a minor outside of the presence of their parent(s) but school factotums have abrogated unto themselves the right to ask highly personal and invasive questions as part of the school curriculum. No wonder Johnny cannot read - he's being taught by lunatics and idiots!

I am very depressed about the state of the world and our nation in particular. I refuse to give in to the feelings however - I'm going to get myself in better physical shape, clean my house and then find a Tea Party rally to attend whenever possible!

And just as an aside, wasn't Senator Rubio's recent speech inspiring and on point?


Thag Jones said...

Hear hear. Good post. I don't watch any of those political shows - everything that's on TV is for entertainment purposes only, including the "news". I don't even have a TV, in fact.

Thag Jones said...

Oh, and I love your header! :D

Gayle Miller said...

Thanks Thag!