Tuesday, September 27, 2011


To my utter astonishment, Rob Kardashian was a refreshing performer on Monday night's show. And of course, J. R. Martinez and Carson Kressley continue to entertain.

I'm almost hoping that Chaz Bono gets voted off tonight. His effort is so sincere and the pain and injury it is causing for him is so evident, that for his own sake, he shouldn't continue on the show. On the other hand, he does want it so badly and he is losing weight. There is nothing about him that would lead anyone to believe he is anything other than a sincere, sweet person.

Nancy Grace was pleasing, as was Chynna Phillips. That Canalis woman needs to go. There is a sweet, wounded quality to her face, but really, a dancer she is not! David Arquette should stay for the sheer entertainment value. Likewise Ricki Lake who is a determined woman!

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