Friday, September 09, 2011


In Thursday night's speech to the U.S. Congress, President Obama did not disappoint in at least one respect, he is still, and everlastingly, in campaign mode. The man has no idea how to govern, thus he goes to his fallback position, campaigning for undeserved reelection.

His speech was disingenuous in the extreme, condescending and warmly received by his fellow Democrats while John Boehner sat unsmiling behind him as the President attempted unsuccessfully to throw the entire Republican Party under the bus. There was one small deviation from same-old, same-old. As one wag put it, "at least he didn't blame President Bush for all our problems". This was, indeed, refreshing. And in point of fact, there were a few kernels of possible actions by the Congress that both precisely duplicate suggestions that have been pushed by Republicans in prior years and are a possible basis for compromise. Although, the dud who occupies the Oval Office made it quite clear that his vassals in the U.S. Congress are to give him his jobs bill just as he has proposed it - right, like THAT is going to happen!

He stuck to his everlasting refrain - class warfare - although he attempted to present it in such a way that we wouldn't "catch on" to his duplicity. Barry Soetero, buy a vowel. We've heard it all before on numerous occasions and we stopped buying your flimflam a long, long time ago.

Most particularly, The Won was demanding and arrogant - ordering the Congress to "Pass it now!" as though the representatives of We the People were only there to do his bidding. This is especially galling since he has claimed in the past to be a Constitutional Law professor (he wasn't) thus one would think that at least he would know that the Executive Branch is only one of three co-equal branches of the U.S. government. Those Congressmen and Senators who were in attendance are not his vassals, any more than are We the People.

All in all, it was tedious in the extreme to watch thinly disguised attempts to raise taxes and maintain out-of-control spending being espoused by a president who doesn't know what in the hell he is doing, is incapable of and unwilling to learn how to govern, and while claiming extreme patriotism, is doing everything in his power to destroy our Constitution, our liberties and our way of life for his own and his master's (Soros) twisted ends!

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