Thursday, September 15, 2011


I was speaking to my insurance agent this morning and he was sitting in his home office in shorts and flipflops - because there's about an inch of water in there! His insurance carrier has approved the required repairs - but he cannot find anyone to actually perform the work. And it occurred to me that he cannot be the only person in this country who has been hit with a natural disaster side effect like my insurance agent and, thanks to the shortage of people willing to perform actual physical labor, there are paying jobs out there being undone!

So good old American ingenuity needs to kick in here and those who are able bodied and seeking to earn their October rent and any other needs, make your availability known. Put up flyers at the local supermarket. Make your availability known online.

There are people with a strong need and the ability to pay you to fulfill their needs. Pitch in, do a good and responsible job and earn some money for yourself! Clearly I am not inviting the hustlers and the con artists to weigh in but if we fill the ranks of the available helpers with good folks like ourselves, there won't be room for the jerks!

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