Wednesday, November 02, 2011


First, let me preface by saying that I dislike the competitive group dance concept with a great deal of passion.

Second, I thought all of the individual dances were fairly lackluster, including the dance of J.R. Martinez. What moron gave him (they don't choose their own music) the theme from Ghost Busters as a tango backdrop? Were they trying to sabotage him? Maybe they were trying to give Ricki Lake an edge? Regardless, we can prevent those kinds of subtle manipulations from working!

I was also impressed with Rob Kardashian's focus, given his sister's ridiculous marriage drama! He is really developing as a dancer and I applaud him for that.

I notice that the odious Hope Solo and her rude and cranky professional partner Maks are still there. May one inquire as to why? She cannot dance, she has a nasty, "entitled" disposition and she cannot have that big a fan base. Then again, people voted for Obama!

It was a shame to see David Arquette voted off.

During the results show, the dancing of the luminous young Christina Ferri was absolutely inspirational. Talk about courage and heart, not to mention some serious talent. It reminded me of when Scott Hamilton returned to the ice after his bout with testicualar cancer. When he finished his first skate with a back flip, his words were magnificently appropriate: "I won!" Ms. Ferri can say the same! And so can we, from seeing her dance so beautifully.

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