Wednesday, November 02, 2011


The idea of dating someone for 6 months and then becoming engaged and married in a lavish, over-the-top wedding ceremony (3 dresses - really?) is an insult to the concept and intention of marriage. Her unwillingness to compromise her princess dreams is just a vague idea of what was wrong with the whole thing. Okay, it seems to have worked for Khloe (who has more common sense than her older sister apparently since she knows that marriage requires compromise and hard work) but just because it works for one sister, doesn't mean that her pampered, self-involved, utterly brainless older sister can do it. Kim Kardashian cannot utter a sentence without using the work "like" 20 times! She is a dumbass!

Kris Humphries himself said it best when he opined during one of the pre-wedding episodes, "Four years ago you were selling dresses in a shop in the Valley and now you're some kind of princess?" She sneered at his hometown in Minnesota, unwilling to even consider living like a normal human being for part of the year. And then she prattled on about her "career" (what career unless you mean posing for pictures endlessly and sticking out your big ass and flashing your big tits at the world). And then, apparently because Kris desired some kind of normal married life, she flounces off to a divorce attorney and files after 72 days of marriage! That's what I call true commitment and work ethic! Skank that she is. he's well rid of her!

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