Sunday, November 06, 2011


It was an interesting competition. The Russian ice dancers (they are so over the top I didn't bother to learn their names) came in first, but are totally unfit to compete on the same ice as Davis/White and Virtue/Moir. They barely defeated our own Shibutani siblings who were excellent.

The men have decided (or felt compelled) to put multiple quads into their programs. This led to a somewhat sloppy competition with a lot of butts hitting the ice and the winner, Jeremy Abbott of the U.S. ending up winning because other than his stumble on the quad at the beginning of his program, his skate was lyrical and lovely.

The Russians are making a big push to stick their toes back under the table in the pairs competition. The Chinese are finding that to be a non-starter. Good for them.

There weren't a lot of dark roots but plenty of dirty skate laces to be seen. Could my bitching be having an effect? Naw....!

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