Saturday, December 31, 2011


That almost seems as though I'm being over-the-top since almost all commercials (except the State Farm ones) are irritating.

Here's a suggestion to all advertising agencies - especially the ones working for Sears and KMart - using shrill, childlike voices in all your commercials is guaranteed to turn off listeners because the sound is offensive to our ears! In fact, and this may be a touch of hyperbole, it's likely in my opinion that Sears' and KMart's woes this Christmas season could be traced to those irritating commercials. And thank goodness the Toys 'R Us commercial deluge is over - the voice over in that commercial nearly had me screeching in fury! I have perfect pitch and bad sounds really get on my nerves.

In the "You get what you pay for" category - WalMart must have paid upwards of $1.98 for their commercials this year, so stupid were they! Thank goodness I DVR most everything I watch so I was able to sprint through the stupidity! Or does WalMart think that everyone who shops there is pretty much a lamebrain?

The fiber commercial where the wife opines that her husband needs more fiber in his diet, he whines that fiber makes him sad and then - rudely - snatches her fiber bar from her hand - that commercial just offends me on so many levels I cannot even count them.

The singers in some commercials are so bad that you know in your heart you will never buy the product.

Flo in the Progressive insurance commercials is getting irritating and I wouldn't buy insurance from them anyway, leftwing ownership being the deciding factor.

The Geico gecko is starting to wear a tad thin and they aren't that good an insurer anyway, or so I've been told.

I've been with Nationwide for years and intend to continue that practice, even though they are changing my agent to someone I don't know. At least I HAVE an agent.

Finally, there is the doofus who is going to "power wash" his deck sending his long-suffering wife to the Excedrin bottle. That pretentious, pompous ass would be divorced so fast he wouldn't know what hit him and his "not just washed but power washed" crap! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that when the table on the deck is set for guests, you don't blow the table settings to hell and gone!

There are certain buzzwords being over-used in commercials - "discreet" shipping (sometimes more than twice in any given commercial), "clinical proof" (or variations thereof). Don't these advertising writers have any access to a thesaurus?

So what commercials are driving you nuts this holiday season? Share folks!

UPDATE: "That's for babies" is back too! The most annoying and spoiled child on Planet Earth? Possibility!

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