Saturday, December 03, 2011


Herman Cain has apparently abandoned his run for the White House and once again, by innuendo and deceitful accusations, the Democrats have destroyed a black man who "strayed off the reservation" and ran as a conservative Republican. The first time they did this was when they buried Clarence Thomas in a hail of accusations from the lip gloss queen, the clearly needy and unstable Anita Hill.

Now they're flinging baseless and easily refuted charges against Herman Cain in a clear testament to their disregard for this country's future welfare AND equality amongst the races.

Herman Cain's biggest sin was in posing a threat to The Anointed One. He is and will continue to be everything that the Kenyan Wetback is not. He is intelligent, experienced, possessed of common sense and beyond all, able to articulate his ideas with clarity and without the aid of a teleprompter. In other words, he is his own man. We cannot say the same for the so-called president!

The Dems are supposed to be the party of inclusion and equality - or so they say. In reality they are a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites who despise black people and want to keep them in thrall to their assinine social programs which foster dependancy in a modern day version of slavery! The Dems both despise and fear men like Herman Cain and their special gift is denigrating and attempting to humiliate conservative women like Michelle Bachmann or any other group they believe "belongs" to them when they happen to think clearly and for themselves. I don't happen to think Michelle is in any way qualified for the presidency, but what they have done to her, and to Sarah Palin (much more qualified) before her is shameful and despicable in every regard. The party of Asses (their symbol and well chosen) needs to be held to account by the American people and shown in no uncertain terms that their tactics and behavior are unacceptable and, what is more, un-American in the extreme!

The charges against Mr. Cain are patently false, but even if they were in any way accurate - his so-called sins are so puny in comparison to the beloved Clinton, the rapist who occupied the White House for 8 years and to great acclaim, despite his proclivity for having an intern his daughter's age suck his member in the Oval Office! Now THAT is bad behavior and yet, in Clinton's case, we repeatedly heard the inaccurate mantra that it was "Just about sex!" when in reality, he was impeached and lost his law license for 5 years because he LIED TO A GRAND JURY!

But attempting to change the narrative is a favorite trick of the Dems, in slavish imitation of the Stalin era in Russia and Hitler's reign of terror in Germany.

Dear merciful Lord, how long are we going to remain in thrall to the stupid among us who continue to vote for these idiots?

The landscape needs pruning folks; a lot of Democrats need to go and it's our job, nationwide, to accomplish that!

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