Friday, December 30, 2011


Why are these peculiar proceedings considered to be so crucial to a campaign for the nomination of the Republican Party? They don't even represent the votes of all Iowa Republican voters, but rather the votes of a selected, albeit an admittedly active bunch!

I think that the press, reluctant to think for themselves as they are, need something to tell them which way the wind is blowing!

Well take note of this lamestream media - it ain't blowing from Iowa and Mitt Romney is not liked by most Republican voters.

We need to stop being ashamed of who we are, we need to kick the butts of those mandarins at the RNC and tell them that they aren't representing our needs, wishes and beliefs and start standing up for the conservative views of most ground level Republicans. The basic views of conservatives are that we are proud to be Americans, proud of our history (overall), proud of our independence and self-reliance. We aren't ashamed to work hard and achieve. We aren't ashamed that we hold serious moral values, we aren't ashamed that we value life and we aren't embarrassed that we aren't freaking Europe!

Ron Paul is a lunatic when it comes to foreign policy. Mitt Romney is a willow reed, blowing whichever way he thinks will get him the nomination - not a man of principles and courage. Newt Gingrich, with all his flaws, may be our best candidate.

And what's with all this "endorsing" by fellow Republicans. What's that crap? It was once an article of faith that during the primaries, no Republican endorsed another Republican because in the end, that would only harm the entire party?

Apparently that is considered old-fashioned values these days and that is a big doggone shame!

I'm still sticking with Newt. He is not ashamed to stand up for what he believes in and as flawed as he is - he's one hell of a lot more competent than any of the other candidates!

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