Saturday, December 10, 2011

HE MAY BE AN S.O.B., BUT . . .

He's OUR s.o.b.! That used to be the Republican Party mantra and it has mostly always been the position of the Dumbocrats!

I would strongly suggest that Republicans remember the ultimate goal - unseating the Usurper in November 2012. Quit savaging each other with highly inflammatory advertising and speech and concentrate on attacking Obama!

Clearly, Mitt Romney has finally figured out that a lot of Republicans do not like him. His self-adulation apparently is so ingrained that it has taken him 6 years of running for president to figure that out! Not too swift, are we Mittens?

Incendiary ads recently released dissing Newt's flaws and past errors in judgment in his personal life doesn't do YOU or the Party any favor, Mitt. It just makes me dislike you more and I'm pretty average in my reactions, so it's probably true that I'm not the only one!

Newt Gingrich has a ton of baggage and pummeling him with his past sins is a fruitless endeavor. We all know Newt's flaws, chief among them an unchecked libido (in the past, one would hope - we don't need another Clinton in the White House), and an inability to actually govern (we can only hope that the very strong woman to whom he is now married will keep him focused a little more thoroughly but given the reported disarray in his campaign staff, some of the issues still remain). Nevertheless, he is still preferable to that Robotic Nerd, Romney. Fair disclosure. Newt has been a friend of one of my family members for a long time and if he can tolerate this particular person as well as he does, he'll be able to keep his cool in the White House.

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