Wednesday, November 22, 2006


"I realize Democrats won the elections, but I believe the last thing the president should do the next two years is retreat from his agenda or extend the hand of bipartisanship to liberal Democrats who will only bite it off to a nub anyway.

The elections are not a mandate for the Democrats' policy agenda, because they didn't offer one. I tend to agree with the commentators who contend the elections were not a repudiation of conservative principles, but a referendum on the GOP's perceived competence. If so, the lesson should not be to tack toward the center, or radically alter their ideological approach, but to govern more effectively."

There is no doubt whatsoever that David Limbaugh is absolutely correct, although I would argue that the Democrats didn’t WIN, but rather the Republicans LOST – an entirely different story.

With all the self-congratulatory grandstanding going on in D.C. these days, it is good to remember that the Democrats have developed a reassuring genius for shooting themselves in the foot. That does not, however, mean that the Republicans should just assume that Democratic missteps will insure their return to power in 2008. In order for that to happen, the Republicans must engage in a thorough self-assessment and begin to correct the many mistakes they have made over the past few years.

I have said, BOTH frequently and as loudly as possible, that the Republicans have been groveling for far too long in the hopes that the Democrats will LIKE them. That isn’t ever going to happen. You can bank on it. BUT, had the Republicans exercised their power in a firm and unyielding fashion, the Dems would have at least respected them, which is the most we should expect.

Had Republicans stated loudly and unequivocally that the Bush bashing had to stop, the MSM might have been less slavish in their devotion to publishing every foul and untrue canard uttered by the left against our President.

Had we, as Republicans, been more active in defending our President and our interests as a nation, perhaps the MSM would have thought at least ½ second about piling it on to the extent that they have done.

Had we, as Republicans, communicated our deep disagreement with the President’s approach to illegal immigration, perhaps THAT debate would not have been quite so harmful.

Had we, as Republicans, communicated with our Congress at the first hint of the first scandal that we were not disposed to tolerate that kind of behavior, perhaps the utterly corrupt and cynical leftwing Dems would have had less with which to slander all Republicans.

Had we all exercised our RESPONSIBILITY as Americans and voted in this past election, might the outcome have been different? It might not have been – but now we’ll never know. Voting is not an elective – it is a requirement. Sitting on your hands is NEVER an option, I’m sorry.

We too share a responsibility for our own good government. It’s time that all of us started, to the extent we are able, to make sure our elected representatives know exactly what we want from them. To that end, do not think for one second that my new Senator from Ohio is going to be immune from inclusion in my mailing list, because he is not! I may not have voted for the s.o.b. but once he takes office, he is still responsible to me just as fully as he is to any other citizen of Ohio. And I intend to be certain he knows that!



well said Gayle...

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shoprat said...

The Democrats scored a couple of unearned runs in the last inning but the game isn't over.

The people don't want what the Democrats are really offering, but they never seem to show the people their true intentions.