Monday, November 20, 2006


Actually, it was the most nerve wracking football game (and the best) in many, many years! And the game really went down to the wire which made it even more exciting. What's really weird is that the Ohio lottery pick 4 numbers that night were the exact same numbers as those in the score! Isn't THAT strange?

On to the national championship game now. I very much doubt that OSU's opponent will be Michigan. It's much more likely to be USC and if that is the case, it will be a fantastic contest!

And finally - a word about Wal-Mart: I was there at 9:15 yesterday morning, hoping to beat the rush to do my grocery shopping. They ALREADY had the sweatshirts proclaiming the Big Ten Championship WITH the game's score on sale. Now THAT IS efficient marketing! Needless to say, they were going at a great clip - but I did get mine and one for my sister for her Christmas present.


Now Carl Levin (D-Losing Team) is REALLY going to be grumpy!


Tom Blogical said...

I'm glad Carl Levin will be more grumpy than normal. His "D" is for Dork anyway, with that hideous comb-over and the weak attempt at looking "intellectual" with the glasses.

Gayle Miller said...

Oh you ARE good! If you weren't so doggone YOUNG, I'd develop a crush on you.

kda said...

Ohio State-Michigan was not one of the best games ever. Wasn't even as close as the score made it sound. The 06 Rose Bowl and 05 USC-ND games were both way better than this.

Gayle Miller said...

The quality of the game has more to do with the overall experience, not just the final score. For one thing, I think OSU showed serious class by having the minute of silence for Bo Schembechler. And just as an aside, speaking of class, did you know that a very LARGE number of Buckeyes (including Woody's widow Ann) showed up for Bo's memorial service.

The thing that the OSU-Michigan game just past displayed in abundance is that you CAN be rivals and adversaries on the field without hatred, rancor and vicious rhetoric. There's a lesson in there for ALL politicians I think! And a lot of bloggers as well.

And all the while the game was being played, I hearkened back to a comment attributed to Bo about a week before he died. He said that he'd love to watch one more OSU-Michigan contest with Woody! And I couldn't help but think that the two of them must be enjoying the chance to do so!