Wednesday, November 08, 2006


For the past 6 years, the Democratic Party has flown under the radar, obsessed with Bush Derangement Syndrome and their lack of power since 1994, after being the majority party (it seems) since infinity!

Now the Democratic Party has the majority in the House of Representatives. Rumors have abounded that the first order of business for probable House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be to begin impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush based on the charges that he lied about Saddam Hussein's nuclear ambitions, among other things. Since documents recovered in Iraq prove conclusively that Saddam Hussein did indeed have such ambitions, these charges would be well nigh impossible to prove, but would provide the Democrats with a platform to, they think, permanently regain their power and position themselves to take the Presidency in 2008. In fact, even considering the beginning of impeachment proceedings against the President would conclusively PROVE to the American electorate that Democrats are NOT serious about national security.

It has been frequently stated that most of the country doesn't really know who Nancy Pelosi really is, but she will no longer have the ability to hide her politics and inclinations as she has been able to do in the past. The fact that those of us who have studied the woman know her to be a dangerously leftwing San Francisco liberal (than which there is no more left wing thinker) and the fact that it frightens the bejabbers out of those who know the truth of Nancy Pelosi's complete disconnect from the thinking of the majority of Americans (Republican and Democrat) that she may now sit third in line for the presidency find this enormously frightening.

There is, of course, the proposed Committee chair issue as well. Will the American people really welcome Alcee Hastings, an impeached Federal judge and convicted felon, in charge of national security? Will Jack Murtha and Charlie Rangel really "go down" well with the ordinary American citizen. Will, in fact, the largely moderate Democrats who have been elected to the House readily accept this extremist woman and her agenda? There have been rumblings already. Pray that they continue.

The Dems have been able to bop along for 6 years on an agenda that consists mainly of "We hate George W. Bush" but that luxury is no longer theirs. Now they must GOVERN - at least in the House of Representatives. Now they must reveal their true agendas to public view. And what will that revelation do to the presidential hopes of one Hillary Rodham Clinton and, if in fact the decisions made by Nancy Pelosi and her gang of extremists threaten Senator Clinton's hopes for a White House campaign, what will Madame Clinton decide to do about it. Nancy Pelosi may be a shark, but she's a tiny shark compared to Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Pelosi could learn, to her dismay, that her power is only what Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her cabal are willing to allow her.

Times have changed radically since the Clinton presidency. There is an alternative media that will be scrutinizing anything and everything done in the House of Representatives with a very intense magnifying glass.

Howard Dean is likely to remain the chairman of the Democratic Party as a result of these elections. Will he temper his vicious invective? And if he does not, will this further illuminate the non-agenda of the Democrats in Congress?

And finally, what of Senator Joe Lieberman? He was BOTH abandoned and vilified by his own party. It would be astonishing to me if he did not remember that and act upon it.

Perhaps the best thing that has emerged from this election cycle is that finally and thankfully, Senator John F. Kerry (D-Teresa's Lap) has destroyed his own political career all by himself and we will no longer be subjected to the arrogant maunderings of this liberal idiot.

We will be living in interesting times between now and 2008.


kitty said...

Boy, Gayle, I hope you're right about the country learning what the Dems are really like. The MSM will do everything in their power to help the Dems look good and the Repubs to look evil. No change there.

The one ray of hope for the Repubs is that the MSM have been losing their customers.

Gayle Miller said...

Absolutely - LA Times circulation, just to name one, is plummeting!

I don't think the Dems can hide any longer. Things have changed a LOT since 1994 - and not in the Dems favor.

I just sent an e-mail to the RNC telling them it was time to rediscover their doggone backbones!

Tom Blogical said...

I haven't figured out something yet. Either Americans, specifically the "Independents", haven't really been educating themselves about politics the way we do and are truly lazy about getting their information...or even worse...they know exactly what they're doing and really like everything the Democrats have to offer. Either way, we're going to see just where Americans really stand over the next two years, because they're going to get everything they're asking for. 2008 will tell me everything I need to know. (I may just have to turn this comment into a post on my blog.)


thank you Gayle...

we won't give up hope.