Thursday, November 30, 2006


Both James Earl Carter, Jr. and John F. Kerry have been ubiquitous on CNN of late, each peddling their own particular brand of horse shit! For those who may be offended by this locution, I refuse to apologise. This is my blog and I'll phrase my opinion the way I want to.

Mr. Carter continues to believe that the undeserved Nobel Peace Prize he won has somehow made him intelligent, when in truth, he was born challenged and hasn't improved with age. His anti-Semitic fondness for a thug like Yasser Arafat is proof positive that the man's brain is defective at best, inoperative at worst. I continue to believe that the man is in the throes of Alzheimer's disease and that his family should, in all kindness, reel his blathering ass in and stash him somewhere where he cannot do himself or OUR COUNTRY any more harm.

John "Futile" Kerry was on CNN's Larry King Live again last night, still trying to do damage control for his "stupid military" remark. John: Give it up. You've been making your disdain for the military and 99% of your fellow citizens quite clear since 1971 when you spewed your despicable lies about your fellow soldiers in front of the Congress. Nothing has changed. You are an undistinguished pantywaist, effete, rather dumb snob and coward (who lied in order to get 3 purple hearts and a ticket out of service in Vietnam after 4 lousy months there). You are a so-called man who has had the good fortune or guile to marry two wealthy women - although I cannot for the life of me glean the slightest spark of an idea as to what they saw in you. Be grateful you have a freaking JOB and Teresa's lap at your disposal and remove your odious presence from our television screens.

There. Now I feel better.

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