Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The Republicans just don’t learn their lessons very well, do they? Despite the repudiation of many of their less savory policies by the voting base and the loss of their Congressional majority, they seem to have decided to continue doing business as usual.

How else to explain the selection of Mel Martinez (a perfectly nice but uninspiring man) over Michael Steele to head the RNC? Planning to have a majority any time soon guys?

How else to explain the willingness to consider Trent Lott as Minority Whip? While I considered the fall of Senator Lott to be a ridiculous travesty, over the years since that happened we have witnessed one of the finest imitations of Robert Byrd ever given by a U.S. Senator in Trent Lott’s pork-barrel addiction and his contempt for the voters who question his predatory money-grubbing.

Hint to the Republicans – here’s what Americans want:

1. Secure borders. That means do not ALLOW the border fence issue to be re-visited, except to increase its length and/or funding.

2. Support our military and our mission in Iraq. Despite his pretensions to the contrary, Senator Carl Levin is NOT the new Commander in Chief, nor should he be. Aside from the fact that he never SERVED in the military (which in an intelligent and courageous man would not be a disqualifier, but in Levin’s case certainly is), he is dedicated to undermining our military (like most liberals) and the good work done by them in Iraq.

3. Courage in standing up to the liberal nuttiness. For years I have been saying this and nobody seems to want to listen. THEY WILL NEVER LIKE YOU. Quit trying to achieve the impossible! Courage, strong moral character and resolve are something most liberals cannot muster on their best days and if you stand up to them and hold your ground, they will at least respect you. Quit kissing butt and start displaying the very real differences between us and them.

4. Do not succumb any longer to what the liberals are calling the “culture of corruption” – we are supposed to be the more ethical party. Being drunk with power is an unattractive trait in anyone – left or right or in between.

5. Continue the tax cuts to stimulate the economy in the way that it has been stimulated since their inception. Don’t TALK about how you are for the little guy – actually DO SOMETHING FOR THE LITTLE GUY! And remember - you let them stymie many good initiatives while you were in power. It's no sin to use THEIR tactics against them in a good cause.

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