Thursday, February 15, 2007


Clearly, nobody is willing to let this poor woman rest in peace. Everybody but Boy George has claimed to be the father of her baby, her mother is parading around in the Bahamas (followed by a camera crew of course) making a big show of trying to see her granddaughter (although Anna Nicole Smith explicitly said she did not ever want her mother to see the baby), people are preventing the decent burial of this woman and claims and accusations are flying.

Here's a thought: Authorities: Take a DNA sample of Anna Nicole and then let Howard K. Stern claim her body and put it to rest next to that of her son Daniel. Next, Mr. Stern, Mr. Birkhead and anyone else who is claiming to be the child's father - submit the damned DNA samples IMMEDIATELY and get the child's paternity settled sooner rather than later. Then whoever turns out to be the father, take the child and go into seclusion to raise her! The circus needs to leave town already.

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benning said...

Awww, don't end the circus! All we'll have left is Obama, Hillary, and "The View"! Yeesh!