Thursday, February 15, 2007


That damned groundhog has a lot to answer for! He predicts an early Spring and the weather hounds of HELL come hurtling down on the Midwest and Eastern parts of this country!

Went home from work at noon on Tuesday, hunkered in and relaxed with the two pussycats, ASSUMING I'd be able to go to work on Wednesday - foolish child that I am! Got a call Wednesday morning from dear co-worker Debra, the office was closed and would I call my boss, which I did. Went back to bed and slept for another couple of hours, in a snuggly pile with Sam and Tim who were delighted to have their mommy home!

Talked to Sis around noon. Her office was open but she and her carpool had decided it wasn't worth the risk of negotiating I-95 from Fredericksburg up to D.C. She spent a great deal of time clearing her driveway - including shoveling the snow at the end of the drive to the left and right in such a way that the snowplows (in the eventuality that they actually got to her street) would not reblock the driveway. She is SO smart, that woman! One of the many reasons that she is also my best friend. She told me via e-mail this morning that she spent a lot of time watching her (male) neighbors clearing and re-clearing the ends of their driveways throughout the afternoon as the snowplows indeed made several passes down her street - blocking up other peoples' driveways but not hers.

The reason she told me this story was not to bash men but rather because I was ranting and raving this morning about the state of incompetence of the drivers here in Columbus, Ohio. Of course they pull across intersections they have no hope of clearing before the light changes. But of course, they think they are far more important than those hapless citizens who are trying to pull across the intersection or, worse yet, onto the street that they have blocked. Idiots!

I have rotten things to say frequently about Los Angeles, California - but in the early 90s, because of the prevalence of just that kind of self-absorbed, utterly selfish and stupid behavior, the City of Los Angeles enacted legislation putting some heavy penalties onto that kind of behavior and then they enforced it! It made the commute a lot less unpleasant in bad (rainy) weather. The City of Angels has a lot of flaws, but once in a while they do something right.

So here I am back at work and glad beyond comprehension that today is already Thursday. This has been an awesomely horrible week and I cannot wait for the week to be over. Other than a couple of errands on Saturday morning, I'm going to hang with the kitties.

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