Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The powers that be at NBC Network, particularly in the news division but also clear to the top (Wright, Zucker, et al.) are permitting and probably even encouraging the kind of unadulterated crap written by NBC News military analyst William Arkin in the Washington Post about our military. It was insulting, untrue and absolutely despicable and an insult to every man and woman in the military who are doing a dirty job that is both necessary and one that none of these pantywaists would ever have the "sand" to do themselves. And despite their weasely statement, Arkin is not JUST a columnist for the Washington Post - he is also part of the NBC "family".

Regardless of political leanings, all of us are being kept safe by these military personnel. Further, while Mr. Arkin is clearly in the thrall of hate-America-itis (despite fully taking advantage of all that this country has to offer him - including the freedom to make an ass of himself), the people at GE and the people at NBC might want to consider that their corporate performance rises and falls based on the public's perception of their executives and employees and right now - they are failing miserably (as the NBC and MSNBC ratings clearly show). So from a strictly CORPORATE point of view, insulting our military and the many, many millions of Americans who fully support the President and the military and their mission in Iraq, is gross stupidity!

Much as I enjoy some programs (“Law and Order” franchise) on NBC, I will neither watch NBC nor purchase GE products if Mr. Arkin and those who facilitate his stupidity at NBC are not severely disciplined - as far as I'm concerned, both Wright and Zucker should be gone anyway. Promoting Zucker when his entire record is one of abject failure makes no sense whatsoever. I never read the Washington Post (described to me many years ago as "Pravda on the Potomac").

And kudos to Bill O’Reilly (a man I usually criticize severely) for making sure that Arkin’s remarks were thoroughly excoriated in one of the most impassioned and blistering critiques O'Reilly has uttered of late!

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