Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Once against the Democrats in the Senate have proven to the American people how completely lacking in serious statemanship they really are! The all-nighter staged last night was just that - STAGED and driven by perception rather than the ACTUAL good of the country.

Memo to the American people: Are you watching these people? Aren't you glad you voted into office a bunch of crazed nitwits?

At least there were some Republicans who demonstrated that they still possessed cojones! My mixed feelings about John McCain are well known to everyone who reads my blog - but he stood up for his nation yesterday and for that I heartily thank him. Whatever waffling or peculiarities the Senator possesses (and I'm still thoroughly peeved at him about McCain-Feingold which gave the 527s inordinate influence), he has consistently and with absolute bravery stood up for the protection of our nation from Islamofascist goons and for that he deserves full and fulsome credit from all of us.

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