Monday, July 16, 2007


This morning the governors of California and Florida were on The Early Show on CBS (where else) to inform the nation that they aren't waiting for the FEDERAL government to get on board - they're going to be taking steps to reduce greenhouse gases in their own states immediately - if they can just force the EPA to go along with their measures. Their reasoning is (as Ahnold put it) that "thousands of scientists" agree that global warming is going to destroy our planet in a mere few decades and so they need to just hop right to it.

Once again, I must point out that a mere 25-30 years ago, we were busily being rushed into panic mode by the politicians and the media about a coming ice age. I must also point out that dammit - who ARE these "thousands of scientists" and why are they not willing to engage in an open and HONEST debate with the other thousands of scientists who think that the global warming religion is a bunch of bullshit?! I'm sorry - my name isn't Chicken Little and I am not going to go running around bleating in terror without some serious discussion by serious people (that does NOT include Al Gore, Whoopi Goldberg and Sheryl Crow - or any of the other looney leftwingers who have hopped on this bandwagon) that is out there for everyone to see so we can make up our OWN minds. How's that for a concept? Free discussion and free decision-making by us little people! Before the bill is presented in the form of horrendous taxes that accomplish just as much as some of these other "public welfare" programs have done - zilch!

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