Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Kitty points out that despite the fact that Senator McCain, of whom I am only mildly a fan, came back from his trip to Iraq with positive reports on what is happening there, the only thing in which the media seems to be interested is the turmoil in McCain's presidential campaign organization. And this surprises us because?

I continue to proclaim that the 2008 Campaign began 12 seconds after the end of the 2006 election and that early start was about 8-12 months TOO DOGGONE SOON! If politicians truly wanted to engage the interest of the voting population, they wouldn't wear out their damned welcome with us!

Will Hillary Rodham Clinton, she of the ubiquitous pantsuit and the shrill, vicious temperament be the Democrats nominee? I haven't a clue in the world, although I certainly hope not. She does not possess any qualities that I want in MY president and many of the qualities she does possess are the very antithesis of my beliefs and ethics. She is the embodiment of the Marxist philosophy that the bigger the lie, the bigger the victory for your cause. Nuh-uh! And notice that I do not denigrate Mrs. Clinton's looks or gender. It is her CHARACTER that concerns me. Moreover, just what HAS this self-serving, smarmy creature actually accomplished for the State of New York during her tenure as their junior Senator? I've failed to find anything significant, other than the one vote with which I agree - the one authorizing the War in Iraq, a vote from which she has backed away ever since!

Senator Barack Hussein Obama is even LESS qualified than Mrs. Clinton (if that's possible), and the other candidates are either asinine (Kucinich) or unelectable (Biden).

The Republicans aren't offering much, if anything, to reassure their party. When Fred Thompson seems to be the last best hope, we are in serious trouble.

So what we have here folks is a situation that, to my mind, appears pretty doggone dire. I don't really like ANY of the declared candidates all that much. Can we vote "no" for President next year?


pianogirl said...

Unfortunately, voting "no" will certainly having us saying "President Hillary Rodham Clinton", I'm afraid.

Gayle Miller said...

I was thinking more along the lines of "what if they gave an election and nobody came" sort of thing? Unrealistic but a lovely fantasy!