Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Al Gore Is Really Pissing Me Off!

Instead of peddling junk science 24/7, maybe this incredible doofus ought to be staying home and doing some actual parenting? I'm just saying!

In additon, that incredible concert deluge over the weekend was annoying as hell. Yes, it's hot right now. People, it is JULY! It is ALWAYS this hot in July. I'm not denying that there might be some atmospheric damage, but I do not accept the doomsday predictions of the hysterics in the global warming non-conversation. And I call it a non-conversation because the acolytes of the new religion of global warming are not willing to consider the possibility that other scientists don't agree with their scientists. I also remember (one of the benefits of being old) that 20 years ago, we were worried about a new ice age!

Hypocrisy - Thy Names Are Bill and Hillary Clinton!

In an article published on July 6, 2007 (it has taken me a few days to calm down), Wes Pruden says:

"But the Clintons' record for never having shown shame for their
perversions and peccadillos remains unique, intact and unchallenged."

Let's see - there's the $250,000 Marc Rich pardon. As well as the other 240 pardons issued by Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001. And he and Senator Harridan-in-chief DARE to criticize a sentence commutation of a man convicted for having a bad memory in an investigation that should have ended months before the prosecutor even talked to Scooter Libby since he already knew who had released Valerie Plame's name (and who cares since she was NOT an undercover operative and thus not covered by the law). So yes, the pardon should have been issued, not a commutation, but President Bush did what he felt was right and of course, he's being pilloried for it.


What a bunch of witless losers these renegade Republican Senators have become. I have long criticized Voinovich for being a RINO of major proportions. Ole Arlen is no better, maybe even worse.

One would have THOUGHT that those idiotic pissants in the Republican minority who are deserting their president under fire would have gotten a CLUE from recent activities of Al Queda in Great Britain!

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pianogirl said...

I love it when you get fired up!!! Thanks for sharing your great thoughts. Glad you are feeling better and getting settled so you can get back to the blog.