Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Laura Litvan Wed May 21, 8:10 AM ET

May 21 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Edward Kennedy's brain cancer will, for now, deprive Democrats of one of their strongest legislative leaders and presidential candidate Barack Obama of his most iconic supporter.

So the ineffectual, big talking but essentially wussy Dems cannot make their agenda work without Senator Edward Moore Kennedy?

Gee guys, you must be really proud of yourselves, eh? You have a 51 to 49 "majority" but with Senators Obama and Clinton endlessly out on the road campaigning for another job, that says that the math comes down to 49-49. You can't always count on Senator Lieberman since he displays both brain and common sense almost all the time. And then there's Dick Cheney to break ties and given the foul untruthful rhetoric directed at him for many years by all y'all, of course he'd be all in a lather to help you out, right? Dream on.

Karma's a bitch, doncha think?

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