Monday, May 12, 2008


I am not, to my intense sorrow, anyone’s mother. It just was never in the cards for me, apparently. However, there is Sam the Magnificent, upon whom I dote!

Saturday, went to get my hands and feet groomed. At the nail shop, I was joined by dear Linda, who had big time designs on a trip to Macy’s. So she came to the nail shop and from there we drove across the parking lot into the Spotsylvania Mall parking lot and into the portion of it nearest Macy’s.

Now I am a sucker for kitchen stuff. Can’t get enough of it, even though it makes moving a nightmare. Makes getting settled a nightmare as well! So of course we entered the store through the housewares department and of course they had masses of stuff on sale at enormous discounts. So it goes without saying that I am now the proud possessor of a 3 qt. stainless steel soup pot ($39.99 value, just $12.99 – how could I pass that up?) that just happens to match the rest of my stainless steel cookware! Linda got herself some new size 6 slacks and one top. She seems to be evaporating before my eyes!

After we got our shopping fix, off we went to the Massaponax Mall to the Red Robin where we indulged in Southwest Burgers – so good they ought to be illegal. And that doesn’t even consider the blueberry/pomegranate limeade they serve with endless refills! Yummy for days! Then SuperTarget for grocery/incidentals shopping (needed a double curtain rod and I just knew they would have it – which they did). All in all, a very productive, delicious and fun day! And we were home before the rain began (again), this time in earnest! Friday was a nightmare drive, to and from work.

All night Saturday night, it rained. Most of the day yesterday, it rained. All night last night, it rained. I know this for sure because Sam is terrified of rain and when it is raining, he is in my lap, curled in my arms when he can manage it but definitely within hugging distance at all times. He isn’t so terrified of thunder and lightning, but heavy rain puts him into an absolutely terrified frame of mind. My best guess is that during the 16 months between his actual birth and his “coming home” to me, he was left out in the rain far too many times. And while he has enhanced my life for 6 happy years, there was that initial 16 month period when nobody loved him, nobody really cared for him and nobody really wanted him. That isn’t something a kitty can outgrow apparently – despite my energetic efforts to show him how much he is now cherished. My sweet Sam. (Bear in mind, few people share my opinion of my beloved boy – he has a bad habit of biting people who come to our house – I don’t get a lot of company as a consequence, which is fine by me!)

Hope all of y'all had a great weekend.


Kredite ohne Schufa said...

i thing you passed a nice time in Saturday night in rain.I like rainy night.I present my great respect to all mother of the world.

pianogirl said...

Oh my, I am a sucker for kitchen gadget shops, office supply stores and hardware stores! A rainy day is perfect for a long nap, which was what I did for a special treat for myself on Mother's Day!

Gayle Miller said...

I should have done it. Ah well, there's always next weekend!

Tarifvergleich said...

I love my mother :)