Friday, May 16, 2008


The always insightful Anchoress has some thoughts newly posted yesterday that are worth your time and attention. Among them:

No, I’m not bitter; I’m just tired of the nonsense; I’m tired of elected officials hog-tying America’s potential and capabilities for an unproven climate scam, I’m tired of a house and senate incapable of doing anything beyond spiting each other and obstructing any sort of change or progress on issues from energy, to education to social security to illegal (and legal) immigration. I’m tired of watching the nation simply roll over and accept the argument that the solution to anything is “more government and more bureaucracy” instead of simply rejecting that notion outright. I’m tired of being told that America wants and needs the sort of socialized medicine that is bringing supplemental-insurance purchasing Canadians down to the lower 48, and bringing Britain to her knees, rather than even attempting real-market reform, and I’m tired of not liking any of these candidates for president. It’s been a very long campaign season - it began right after the November ‘06 elections - and it has been dreadfully uninspiring. I want a do-over and all-new candidates, preferably none of whom are professional, career politicians. I know I can’t have it. But it’s what I want. I’m not bitter, but damn, I gotta tell you…I’m not happy, either.

I agree with every single word she writes, and in this case, she is saying what I have long thought, only in kinder terms than perhaps I would use!

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