Wednesday, May 07, 2008


When you begin an enterprise that is based on a faulty premise, chances of real success are pretty dim. That is why this entire, seemingly endless primary campaign season is such a complete failure.

I mean think about it.


Did we get the nominee we wanted? Or did we get the nominee we deserved? Are Republicans going to support the nominee, regardless of whether or not we voted for him? Or will we array ourselves as enabling doormats so that we can continue the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi debacle of the past two years, except without the moderation forced upon the lunatic left by a more sane president?

Sitting on your hands is simply NOT the answer, unless the answer you want is more, dangerously insane, liberal leftist policies.


What can I say? Out of nowhere came Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps the least qualified and most unfit candidate for president since the lamentable boob, James Earl Carter, Jr. This is completely equal opportunity folks. Where is it written that stupidity cannot afflict black politicians every bit as perniciously as white politicians?

The thing that was astonishing to me is that until Dumbo came along, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her sociopathic horndog consort seemed to be a lock for the nomination. At this writing it appears that she has lost the nomination entirely – although experience teaches us that with the Clintons, nothing is forever, much as we might wish otherwise.

It is unlikely that Herself would be willing to accept 2nd banana status to Senator Obama and, if he’s even remotely intelligent (which I question) he won’t want her as his vice president. Bad actuarial odds for him in that foolish decision, folks!

What these primaries should have been was the equivalent of a job interview for the most important job in this country, arguably the most important job in the world. And instead we have experienced the worst kind of overacted, poorly written soap opera in every bad sense of the world. The American networks present daytime drama 5 days a week – but that daytime fare is well written, well acted and reasonably literate. The political wars since November 2006 have been anything but. There has been pettiness, outright dishonesty, faulty memories (for a woman who is supposed to be the smartest in the world, HRC has a rotten memory and a vivid imagination) and longtime associations that reveal either unpleasant personal leanings, questionable moral judgment or unforgivable stupidity.

But enough about the Clinton marriage!

Seriously, Senator Obama’s choice of spiritual advisor is questionable, at the very least. And his friendships with Ayers and Rezko call both Obama’s ethics and judgment into question. The sad thing is, that even though the nomination race may technically be over, I have a feeling that the [nonexistent] Clinton "smear machine" will continue to pump out more and ever more unsavory revelations about just how utterly unsuited for public office Barack Hussein Obama actually is. In the first place, if he is the nominee (and it appears he will be), Hillary will certainly do everything in her power to prevent his election and in the process she will do absolutely everything in her power to bury him politically so that she, and only she, will be the viable nominee in 2012. She may not be as smart as she thinks she is, but she is twice as sly as people think.

I have said it before and I must repeat myself. This election is too damned important for us to screw up. Neither potential Democratic candidate is even remotely acceptable and, while not my first choice, at his worst Senator John McCain stands head and shoulders above either of them, so he has my reluctant vote. I believe that the future of our nation is at stake and that this decision is too significant for us to screw up.

It is well past the time to let our elected representatives know and understand that we don't work for them but rather, they work for us and that their jobs are on the line. The only way to do that is to throw out the most egregiously unsuitable of them. I don't know why John Murtha's dewlapped phiz keeps coming to mind, but there you have it! We need to make it emphatic to the people who work for us (a minor detail they prefer to forget it seems) that they are to tackle the things that WE deem important, in particular national security and the appointment of judges who know the difference between interpreting laws already on the books and staying out of the legislative arena altogether. Our Constitution is not a difficult document to understand, thus I do not understand the enormous amounts of feeble rationalization that swirls around it at every session of SCOTUS.

We have had a nice little system of government for over 230 years if we'd just quite screwing around with it. The American people are, despite the occasional appearance of a dopey character like Albert Gore, Jr., pretty sensible and quite sane. We don't need Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi to explain to us what our morality should be. We already know it. We know that global warming is just so much trifling nonsense. We know that border security is not in any way racist, but rather a prudent attempt to protect our nation from people who wish us harm, just as we always knew that presenting picture identification when you arrive to vote is simple sanity.

Have some of our politicians lost their minds? Probably. Some of them have agendas they would prefer we not decipher. Darned good thing that most of us are a lot smarter than they are and even more intelligent than they'd like to think!

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I have said it before and I must repeat myself. This election is too damned important for us to screw up. Neither potential Democratic candidate is even remotely acceptable and, while not my first choice.