Thursday, February 19, 2009


H/t my sister for the appropriate word above!

Free speech is rapidly heading for "the ropes" in America when someone is pulled over because a trooper doesn't like your perfectly legal bumper sticker or back window sign and decides, from his or her own judgment, that you pose a threat to the President of the United States.

Mind you, up until 1/20/09, the Left openly advocated the murder of a sitting U.S. President, George W. Bush, with well received plays that detailed the nuts and bolts of how to go about it, and that was actually among the milder things that we saw and heard. As I also recall, President George W. Bush was also called "Chimpy" Bush by a lot of those clever, oh so satirical pundits of the Left. But apparently that was okay with Al Sharpton, the most flagrant hypocrite extant today!

But if you drive in Oklahoma City with a sign saying "Abort Obama, Not the Unborn" you can be pulled over and put through serious inconvenience and threat, even investigated by the U.S. Secret Service. How thoroughly asinine.

Is this still the country into which I was born? Is this the country that defeated Adolph Hitler and Tojo? Is this the country that put men on the moon and defeated polio? Or is this just another lockstep, politically correct travesty of the former country that was Ronald W. Reagan's "shining city on a hill"?

Or is this just another socialist backwater with a miasma of defeat hanging over its once beautiful landscape?

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