Monday, February 23, 2009


Now sits in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I figured that out this weekend. Our President throws out outrageous notions - such as the mileage meter on all cars so that annually we could be charged out the a** for an extra tax on our gas consumption. A furor erupts throughout the blogsphere and on the Internet and while we're busy excoriating the latest foolishness being promulgated in D.C., he slips some other (frequently less egregious but still offensive) notion out there, then withdraws the original, asinine proposal saying "Nothing to see here. Move along!"

This is not governance. This is immature and arrogant behavior. It is disdain and disrespect for the poor deluded fools who voted for you (not that they don't deserve some of that calumny) and for the people who voted for the other dude! In other words, the people who are your constituents (NOT your employees, Mr. President - bear in mind YOU work for US).

Unless we can get a grip and get our President to get a grip, we are in serious, serious, serious trouble as a nation. Despite naysayers who have valid points, I still think our best hope is to get enough of the lunatics out of office that we can restore sanity to the affairs of our government. And if we can mount sufficient opposition, perhaps we can refresh the President's memory as to his total constituents, not just the feckless malingerers who think he's going to be making their car payments and paying their mortgages.

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