Friday, February 20, 2009


President Obama has been in office for precisely one month today. Of course for 11 of those days, he has managed to stay "on the road" rather than stay put in Washington, D.C. doing the business he was elected to do! Meanwhile, through surrogates, a new transportation infrastructure plan is being proposed that will lay a heavy burden on middle income taxpayers. Who else? After all, we're the responsible ones who go to work every day and swallow all manner of stress and difficulty so that our paychecks can be taxed to provide for the shiftless and worthless among us!

The new scheme is to create a tax that will be calculated based on the miles you drive, thereby putting people such as myself behind the 8-ball in a serious fashion. I carpool daily and, at the moment, I am already paying more than my fair share of the costs since one of the people in the carpool is without a car (it's been in the shop for 6 months) and seldom kicks in to put gas in my car which is used 3 days per week, while the other car pool member drives 2 days per week. And now that sack of merde we call our President wants to tax me more because I contribute more? Stick it in your ear you malevolent lying cretin!

Keep this up and the 2010 mid-term elections will be an unprecedented repudiation of the Democratic Party and your so-called leadership (which isn't leadership at all). And when all your pals are replaced by honest Republican legislators, their first order of business, which will be mandated by their constiuents, will be to impeach you and throw your useless ass out of office. And not a moment too soon.

P.S. How's that puppy search turning out? Or, as seems to be your pattern, were you lying about that too!

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CDR J said...

I am not so sure that there will be a massive outing of the Democrats in 2010. The problem is that even though many people despise Congress in general, they like their own Congress critter. For example, many, many people loathe Nancy Pelosi. However, it doesn't matter of 99% or more of Americans hate her. If 51% or more of the voters in her district like her, she will be reelected. The same applies to all members of Congress. Incumbents have a huge advantage over challengers - everyone knows their name, and if they have been bringing back the pork, they will get donations from people who want the pork to continue. They can send out puff pieces about themselves in the mail for free as "Congressional newsletters".
I don't know what the answer is. Term limits would help - members of Congress would not gain power just because they had been in Congress since before the last ice age, like Byrd and T Kennedy. Unfortunately, it will take a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress, and one of the first steps of a Constitutional amendment is to get through Congress. Congress critters are not going to do anything that will interfere with their perks.