Friday, April 16, 2010


It's an easy charge to make - and a difficult charge to disprove. But one thing I do know, nobody that I know personally in the tea party movement is a hater. Like me, I believe they grew up believing that people should be accepted as good and worthwhile, unless they prove themselves to be the contrary. Harboring hatred for any of your fellow humans does you far more harm than it does the objects of your disdain. So don't do it. It's a self-defeating and utterly horrendous way to put yourself through a living hell. Anger, jealousy and bad feelings will hurt the hater far more than the object of the hatred. Why let such negativity eat away at your soul. I firmly believe that if one greets the dawn with a smiling face and a genuinely happy heart, many ills of the world will cease to have effect.

Let's try being positive and kind to one another instead of foolishly racist and negative.

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