Wednesday, April 21, 2010


According to an article appearing in today's Washington Examiner, the Democratic Party is! This is yet another example of the Dems claiming the Republicans to be the kind of cynical "users" that Democrats actually are, and the public seemingly is buying into their lies!

For years it was said that the GOP was the party of big business. That might have been true once upon a time, but it hasn't been the case for great while. Notably, the Democrats captured a big chunk of Silicon Valley as the internet emerged as a dominant force in the 1990s. And lately, Wall Street has been firmly in the Democrats' corner.

Despite this, Democrats still spent quite a bit of energy successfully tarring Republicans as beholden to corporate America. Well, with the Goldman Sachs scandal, it finally seems that the major media are starting to wise up about where the Democrats bread is buttered.

When oh when is the Democratic Party going to stop pushing their oh-so-holier-than- Republicans agenda and start admitting the truth?

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