Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In November 2008, a bunch of ignorant idiots went to the polls and voted in Barack Hussein Obama as our President. Since taking office, this incompetent yokel and his horrid wife have embarrassed the United States numerous times in front of the entire world. Enough already. Someone needs to sit this juvenile sociopath down and teach him some damned manners. The American president doesn't bow to a dictator. An American president doesn't shake his finger at another world leader whose nation is our ally. But then, do we really believe that this Kenyan wetback is truly our AMERICAN president?

I've never been sure that the "birthers" had a leg to stand on but I am sure that this clown doesn't behave in a presidential manner. Nor has he ever stopped campaigning long enough to govern as he is elected to do and as he is required to do by the Constitution of the United States, a document on which he claims expertise but which he seems hellbent on ignoring!

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