Thursday, April 01, 2010


One of the least enjoyable parts of aging is that you lose a lot of beloved friends to death. Sometimes it's avoidable (David's drug addiction and death from overdose and his mother's subsequent suicide by self-neglect) and sometimes, as in the case of my cousin Linda's former husband Johnny, it's due to an aggressive form of colon cancer that evaded a colonoscopy a little over a year ago and ended his life within a very short time frame.

No matter how these beloved family and/or friends have left this earth, they are still deeply missed. And since this is the day before Good Friday (what were those idiots in Davenport, Iowa thinking to want to rename it Celebrate Spring Day?!), today is a good day to consider those beloved lost ones and offer up a prayer or two in their honor. In July I will turn 68 years of age; I have lost both parents, four grandparents, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Many friends have died as well and their absence from my life is an ongoing source of pain.

So I will pray for those I have lost and also pray for those who remain and are more cherished by their very continuation in this life of mine. I will also pray for the Kenyan wetback and his family - that they may remain safe until that time when we can kick his skinny ass out of the Oval Office legally!

God bless, Happy Easter!

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