Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The Justice Department, under the utterly incompetent and biased Eric Holder - a man who sees no problem with black thugs intimidating white voters in Philadelphia - now is at war (and it's patent that it is with the passive approval of his boss, the nation's President) with the entire state of Arizona. Now Holder is bringing the full weight of the Justice Department to bear on Sheriff Joe Arapaio in an investigation of whether or not the sheriff discriminates against Hispanic miscreants!

The thing is, you ignorant twerp, there are more Hispanic thugs locked up in Maricopa County because there are more Hispanics committing crimes in Maricopa County. Do the math and shut the hell up!

It is becoming clear that the biggest threat to American citizens in this country is the American President! Mount a massive investigation of this pinheaded Marxist asshat now and force him into resigning from the office he illegally occupies!

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