Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's August. Congress isn't in session so the traffic in D.C. should be light - notice I said "should be" not "is". For some peculiar reason, the traffic is worse than I've ever seen it. What's up with that. It could be because the bicycle-riding Mayor of D.C., a moronic twit named Adrian Fenty, has deemed it proper to put bicycle lanes down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. These bicycle lanes dead end at the Capitol and at the White House. Since D.C. bicycle riders tend to be the most dismissive of any rules of the road, I'm truly not certain what Mayor Fenty had in mind when he placed these ridiculous bike lanes down the MIDDLE of Pennsylvania Avenue, although it is well known that it is his vision, based on the peculiar ideas dancing in his head, that motor vehicle traffic should be discouraged in the nation's capitol. Others have tried to remove American citizens from their vehicles and have lived to recognize the error of their ways. I'm not certain that the Mayor of D.C. has the wherewithal to come to such a common sense observation. But at least, despite a speaking style that reminds me of someone consuming mush whilst attempting to communicate, he doesn't seem to be the roaring drug addict that some former D.C. mayors have been.

Meanwhile, the Obamas are planning on yet another vacation this month - to Martha's Vineyard. So Spain was just a tease Michelle? Are we once again going to be treated to your tacky sense of style and non-stop views of your armpits? Are you once again going to eschew dressing your age, opting instead to try to dress like a teenager? Dear lord, the first couple are a disaster in nearly every way.

Talk about buying a pig in a poke. That's what we got when people voted this incompetent Chicago pol into the White House. And maybe, given the treatment of George W. Bush that the grown-ups among us tolerated and didn't protest, we do in some fashion deserve the appalling Obamas. Meanwhile, George W. Bush and his lovely and graceful wife Laura continue to behave in exemplary fashion - much as I would expect a man raised by the magnificent Barbara Bush to do.

Yes, George W., we DO miss you . A Lot!

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