Friday, August 13, 2010


But just because they can, doesn't mean they should. And therein lies the difference between our nation and other nations.

Under the cowardice of political correctness lies a fundamental flaw in the thinking process. The "powers that be" in this country have gone so far beyond common sense (which isn't all that common any longer) into a realm I often describe as Southern California WooWoo, where we must above all be sensitive to the feelings of others, and nowhere does this asinine doctrine seem to indicate that they in turn must be sensitive to our feelings.

And just because I can take off all my clothes and go marching down the street au naturale, doesn't mean I should do so. There are consequences to that behavior and I should consider them before I indulge my baser feelings or desire to eschew clothing for 10 minutes.

The objections of numerous voices to the construction of a super-mosque across the street from Ground Zero should be heard, considered and acted upon by moving the super-mosque to another locale. Yes, they MAY build there but NO THEY SHOULD NOT be so crass as to do so. Good taste dictates that the damned mosque be built elsewhere.

Furthermore, I do not consider myself "racist" in any way for feeling that good taste and a sense of propriety should inform the decisions being made about that mosque. I am, above all, a member of the HUMAN race and MY feelings are just as important as those of some radical Iman who wants to raise his middle finger in the air at the death of 3,000 other members of the human race because Jihad, Inc. has decided to make war on America.

In other words, just this once, I would like to be on the receiving end of some freaking sensitivity you aberrant goons!

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