Thursday, August 26, 2010


With Barack Hussein Obama, putative U.S. president, on his 9th vacation since taking office 19 months ago, his minions are being permitted to take his place in the major theme of the Obama Administration - destruction of America - its Constitution and way of life.

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday handed labor and social-activist groups a big victory by approving rules making it easier for them to put allies on corporate boards throughout the country.

The measure was approved on a 3-2 vote by a divided commission, with Republican members warning that the change may not pass muster in the courts. It is the first major regulation from last months landmark financial-reform law to win approval.

Business groups insisted that the measure will damage corporate decision-making by bringing fights over politics and radical social agendas into the boardroom. But shareholder groups said it merely gives them minimal rights that investors in other developed countries already have.
I love that phrase "investors in other developed countries already have" France is expelling Muslim immigrants as well as Gypsies (?) in an attempt to secure their own border (!), Britain is admitting that their National Health Service is an abject failure and our president wants us to emulate THEM? Give me a break.

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