Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last night, out of sheer boredom, I watched the season opener of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and realized whilst watching it that I have developed an abiding dislike of Kris Jenner.

In the episode, Kim (who endlessly prattles on about her "career" - apparently posing half clothed at openings and for Playboy is on a par in her mind with being a nurse, a teacher or a doctor) had bought herself a beautiful new house, which she had furnished in careful detail. Her mother, showing absolutely no respect for her daughter's wishes, insisted on throwing a housewarming in her daughter's new house. I'd have locked the door and embarrassed Mom as a reward for her complete disregard for my own property rights, but Kim was stupid enough to let her get away with it - as they all let her get away with all kinds of pushy shit! So then she permitted people to disrespect Kim's home by removing barriers to rooms Kim didn't wish to be used - resulting in a red wine stain on one of the white sofa pillows! And that was just the beginning.

The only likeable characters in this entire show are Bruce Jenner (despite the fact that he is a doormat to his wife) and Khloe Odom who had the good sense to get married and buy a house in a gated community, thus having control of if and when Mom comes to visit. Sensible lass.

Meanwhile, nobody seems to find anything wrong with the 13 and 14-year olds Kendall and Kylie starting a modeling career - emulating big sis Kim and her near naked poses! I feel safe in saying that Kris Jenner is pimping out her own children. Deplorable woman.

The 23 year old son, Robert, is so infantile that he still lives with his sister Khloe and apparently doesn't have a job. He has an expensive (USC) education and has graduated college. So why isn't he working and paying his own way instead of mooching off his sister? Why can't he pay rent on his own crappy little apartment like most new college graduates do? It's part of the rite of passage for heavens' sakes!

And finally, there is Scott Dissick, Kourtney's baby Daddy - an alcoholic, who prances about in pastel colored threads, very much in love with his own appearance and still wearing the stupid sweaters knotted around his neck! Give me a break! Does anyone watching this show think he's straight? Scott - come out of the closet and your need to drink yourself into a stupor may disappear and your son, Mason, will some day appreciate your honesty. Everyone in the family hates this creature and he's not at all likeable. He is manipulative, and quite sociopathic in his behavior. And he whines. I hate men who whine!

The best thing we can do is stop watching these pathetic barnacles on the butt of humanity and eventually E Entertainment and Ryan Seacrest will get the message and cancel the damned show! Not a moment too soon.

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